Do Laptop Cooling Pads Work?

A lot of things available in the market are considered marketing gimmicks. But, what about the laptop cooling pads? Are they a good investment or a hard pass? Even when you buy the cooling pads for your laptop, do you think they would work for you? 

Besides that, even when you buy cooling pads as available in the market, which one do you think would be an ideal option for you? There are no doubt hundreds of brands available in the market, so which one should buy and why?

This article will walk you through all the details that you need to know about laptop cooling pads and whether they work as per requirements.

More about Laptop Cooling

When it comes to laptop cooling, you need to understand how thermal solutions work. Inherently, laptops don’t have the upper hand when it comes to cooling, as compared to desktops.

Since laptops feature a more compact design and pack in the hardware in a smaller space, it isn’t surprising that it generates a lot more heat if the thermal solutions aren’t as organized. 

Laptop Cooling

If you leave your laptop in the overworking mode where it overheats without any stoppage, chances are that it gets into thermal throttling, which directly impairs the overall performance of the device.

You are more likely going to experience this issue with the thinner laptops that pack in the latest processor, high storage capacity, and optimal functions. The most prominent disadvantage of thermal throttling is that it prevents the device from extracting maximum processing power out of the CPU or GPU.

Thermal throttling is a very common issue noticed with the Apple MacBooks. Since these laptops are quite slim and compact, it isn’t surprising that the thermal issues are quite profound in these laptops. Also, another prevalent issue with laptops’ thermal solutions is the fact that the thermal paste is a time-bound product. It doesn’t last forever.

The thermal paste degrades over time, especially with prolonged usage. However, you need to realize the fact that the thermal paste can be repaired and should be serviced frequently to prevent the issue over time.

But things have become a lot more advanced over the years. The latest laptops are now integrated with the liquid metal thermal compounds instead of the thermal paste. The switch to liquid metal is primarily due to the limited surface area. 

Do the Laptop Cooling Pads Work?

Many users initially don’t want to use the laptop cooling pads, thinking that they won’t do what they are intended to do. But you need to understand the fact that the laptop cooling pads come with a few downsides too.

Do the Laptop Cooling Pads Work


If the thermal issue or the overheating is an internal issue within the laptop, chances are that the laptop cooling pad won’t do much. Sometimes, in the older laptops with thermal paste design, the lack of servicing might end up causing the laptop to overheat. 

Your objective is to look for the temperature on the body of the laptop. If the temperature is consistently in the 90 degrees Celsius range and above and it has happened suddenly, chances are that it’s your laptop’s issue.

Sometimes, clogged dirt also ends up increasing the internal temperature. So, you might need to clear out the dirt and dust frequently to ensure that it stays in the best condition. 

When it comes to the laptop cooling pads, they do what they are intended to do. It helps reduce the external body temperature by targeting the issues in the laptop. Some studies and reports suggest that even the most mediocre options available on Amazon can proactively reduce the temperature by 12 degrees.

However, what you need to understand is the fact that a cooling pad doesn’t reduce the risk of thermal throttling. This is an internal issue, so an external device or equipment won’t be able to sort out the issue as proactively. So, if your device is persistently hot even with a cooling pad underneath, get the issue checked out.

What are the types of Laptop Cooling Pads?

As we said before, laptop cooling pads are available in hundreds and thousands of options. You have the cheaper options and you have the sturdier and more expensive choices too.

There are a few different types of laptop cooling pads available in the market, including:

  • Passive cooling pad

These are the ones that feature no external fans or moving parts in them. The primary function of these cooling pads is to provide an elevation to the laptop to ensure unrestricted airflow. More than a cooling pad, they are considered to be laptop stands that are available to keep the laptop in its optimal temperature range.

  • Active cooling pad

These are the ones with the flat mesh rectangle with case fans integrated into the equipment. They are a mid-range product and help in cooling down your overheated laptop proactively. However, when buying an active cooling pad, you need to focus on buying good quality and reliable products.

  • Vacuum laptop cooler

These are also known as attachable laptop coolers that improve or accelerate the exhaust in your laptop. So, instead of having fans to improve the airflow, you can attach these laptop coolers to your exhaust vent directly to pull out the hot air from inside the laptop and cool down the laptop a lot faster compared to its standard cooling solution. However, they are a lot more expensive and compatibility is an issue too.

Vacuum laptop cooler

Should you buy a Laptop Cooling Pad?

To be fair, it is a very subjective question. Should you buy a laptop cooling pad? The answer depends on your usage.


Do you indulge in computing activities that take up a lot of the processing power? Does your laptop get hot quite frequently even after servicing? If yes, there a laptop cooling pad might be an ideal purchase option for you. Always make the purchase depending on your usage and computing needs. Sometimes, buying a laptop cooling pad just for the sake of it won’t do you any good.

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