How To Connect Nintendo Switch To Laptop?

Nintendo Switch has brought massive changes to the gaming world. There are so many players out there looking for options to get the ultimate gaming experience. Most people know to connect the Nintendo switch to their television, but many struggle to connect the switch to their laptops. 

If you are looking out for ways to connect the Nintendo Switch to your laptop scroll through to know the possibilities to connect in the best manner. 

Nintendo Switch was developed in the year 2017 that changed the gaming world to a large extent. This is a portable system of gaming that was introduced by Nintendo. The console of the Nintendo switch is considered to be a tablet itself and it can be used for several purposes including hybrid ones with wireless joystick controllers. 

Let us quickly have a look at how to connect the internet to switch to laptops which will make the gaming experience more convenient.

Equipments required for connecting Nintendo Switch to your Laptop

Here we will first share the necessary equipments you would require for connecting Nintendo Switch to your laptop. 

1. Capture card

A video capture card is necessary for the file to capture high-quality video content and converting them into a live streaming file. The players can experience the best facilities of streaming by using a capture card that is compatible with almost all the platforms like Xbox One, PlayStation 4, and Nintendo Switch. The video capture card can also be used for Mac OS and PCs.

Capture card

2. Nintendo Dock

Nintendo dock is an amazing gadget that comes along with Nintendo Switch the players need to connect to a laptop or TV monitor. It is better to buy a Nintendo dock if you do not have one as it is a vital element to connect Nintendo Switch to your laptop. 

Nintendo Dock

3. HDMI cable

HDMI cable is highly recommendable for high-quality definition when you connect the switch to your laptop. You can purchase any type of HDMI cable for connecting to your laptop. In case you have an HDMI cable available at your place no need to purchase a new one as there are no specific branches that will help you to connect Switch to your laptop.

4. Software to video capture

Download software that will capture videos and help to stream videos on your laptop. The most popular and well-known software that you can download to capture your video is OBS studio. It is amazing software that supports operating systems and can be purchased for free. Ensure to purchase software that captures your video and supports the capture card as it will enhance the quality while connecting the Nintendo switch to your laptop.

Steps to connect Switch to your laptop:

So now you are now aware of the equipments required for connecting the Nintendo switch to your laptop. Let us quickly jump into the steps to be followed to connect the Nintendo switch.

  • The first step is to connect your dock to the Nintendo switch. You will have to plug the cable of the Nintendo Dock into the connector switch named type C. Ensure to get a new Nintendo dock as it will help you to connect easily with your laptop.
  • The second step is to check if your screen device is already connected to the Nintendo Switch. If the screen device is connected already then it is good to go ahead, or else ensure to disconnect it and connect the screen device again.
  • The third step is to make sure the HDMI cable is plugged into the Nintendo Switch with the help of the HDMI portal. You can use any type of HDMI portal and there is no specific one that needs to be used to connect your laptop. An important element of this step is to make use of the capture card that helps you to get connected to the video on the screen. Ensure to install software that has high ratings for video cut capture from the Play Store.
  • The fourth step is to open software that you have selected and download the video capture. You will have to turn off the power button by making use of the home option. By doing so, you will be able to install the software required for the video capture.
  • Next step is to turn on the power only when your system has been connected to the Nintendo Dock. Ensure to open your Nintendo switch account after downloading the capture card and connecting your device to the HDMI cable.
  • The final step is to connect your laptop using a USB cable along with your capture card. Make sure all the above steps are followed correctly to reach this step. This will help you to find your Switch account on your laptop that is being displayed on the big screen.

Steps to connect Switch to your laptop

Once you have completed all the above processes, you can go ahead and start playing the game of your choice on Nintendo Switch with an amazing resolution video type. The gameplay will begin once the state gets connected to your laptop by displaying it on the screen.

Alternative approach

In case you are not able to connect the Nintendo Switch to your laptop with the above method, you can try upgrading the software on your laptop which will love you to enjoy the displaying the Nintendo Switch on your laptop. You can also try downloading video games from several platforms. This will help your laptop PC connects to Nintendo Switch in no time.


We all know that playing video games on the big screen gives the players the best gaming experience. Obviously, for that, you will have to spend some money on installing the capture card for the best video quality while playing games on Nintendo Switch. This article discussed the best way and the simplest way to connect the Nintendo Switch to your laptop.

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