How To Screenshot On HP Laptop Without Print Screen Button

HP is one of the biggest selling laptop brands in the global market. With a vast variety of product lines and regular innovations, the brand has successfully been able to make a name for itself in the market. With one of the widest budget laptop options from the company, a lot of users who are using them are facing issues with taking screenshots on their laptops.

There are a few ways from which users can choose to take a screenshot. It is important to know them all for the convenience of the user. Here in this article, we will walk you through all the convenient ways of taking a screenshot using an HP laptop without the use of a print screen button. 

Screenshot through Windows OS Snipping Tool

If you are on a comparatively latest Windows operating system then a built-in screenshot utility comes preinstalled. It is popularly known as the Snipping Tool.

With help of this application, users can take a quick screenshot of the entire screen, square regions, individual windows, or freeform selections. 

  • In your HP Laptop open the snipping application from the search bar and you will be able to launch the app. 
  • With the latest version of Windows 10 and 11, you will be able to find the newer version of the app called Snip & Sketch utility. 

This is similar to the snipping tool and gets the job done quite efficiently. This app will help users to capture a screenshot and edit it in a much more convenient manner. Snipping Tool does not require the Print Screen button at all. 

Users will be able to directly launch the app with a shortcut combination of the Windows key, Shift key, and S key. If you take a screenshot occasionally then this tool is just perfect and convenient for you. Follow the steps given below to take a screenshot using the Snipping Tool.

  • Launch the application- Open the application from the taskbar, search bar, or shortcut. Let the application load itself before moving into the next step.
  • Use the Snipping Tool- Click on the New option on the Snipping Tool app. Hold the left-click button and move your mouse around to select the portion you want to take a screenshot of. Once you have successfully selected the area you want to screenshot, move to the next step. You will be able to change the different shapes of the snip in the mode option of the app.

Screenshot through Windows OS Snipping Tool

  • Save the Screenshot- After the selection, procedure click on the file tab which will launch another dropdown menu. In the dropdown, users will be able to find the option of saving snip. This will launch another screen where users can simply choose the location where they want to save their screenshot. Once users have successfully saved the screenshot they can go ahead and use it whenever they want. The screenshot file can be saved in multiple formats and JPG is the most common one.

Screenshot through Windows+Shift+S

If you are using the Windows operating system on your HP Laptop then this is another way of taking a screenshot. 

  • You will have to press the Windows key, Shift key, and S key at the same time and simply drag the area you want a screenshot of. 
  • The screenshot gets automatically saved on your clipboard. 
  • You can then go ahead and launch the Paint application and paste the clipboard and save it in image format to get the screenshot. 

Screenshot through Windows+Shift+S

  • The default screenshot setting here is the rectangular snip but users will also be able to take free form snip with help of this command. 
  • Other options available with this command are Window Snip and Full-screen snip. 
  • On launching this command users will get to see the window on the top-hand side of their screen. 
  • The window will help users choose what kind of screenshot they want to capture on their clipboard

kind of screenshot

Screenshot through Third-party Software

If for some reason you take screenshots frequently and you have to keep all of them arranged properly then getting third-party software is a smart move. There are a lot of applications available in the market which helps in taking easy screenshots on Windows operating systems making user’s life much easier. 

All the third-party applications for screenshots offer far more control and customization in the user’s hands. Users will just have to install one of these applications and create an app’s keyboard shortcut

Almost all the applications allow users to set different keyboard shortcuts for different types of screenshots. Users will be able to customize and set different keyboard combinations for full-screen screenshots and screenshots of just the current window. 

These applications are much more advanced with all the latest available Artificial Intelligence which helps users to crop and resize the images automatically. Users will not have to revisit the images to resize. This helps in saving a lot of time and increases productivity. Almost all applications are available to download on HP Laptops so users will be able to choose anyone they want.


There are a lot of ways that users will be able to take a screenshot on their HP laptops but here we have only listed the convenient ones. All the ways given above in this article will help users increase their productivity and save time taking multiple screenshots and appropriately arranging them. If you have a laptop of any other brand, these methods will also run quite smoothly without any kind of issue. 

All these methods do not need the Print Screen key to take a screenshot in the Windows operating system. All the alternative methods are much more flexible and give users much more customization options. All you need to do is give any of these methods a try and make your workflow efficient.

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